Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am back! (soon)

Sorry guys, I have been totally dead lately. Long story short:

- I flunked freshmen year in college by 1 point
- I had a nervous breakdown followed by a depression
- I got a new job
- I might be moving soon
- I started training again (athletics) which takes up quite some time.

So, I am back. What does this mean? Well first of all, I am NOT going to check my email for a week. There's this one email I dread (I was supposed to translate a manga for a group><) I am going to hopefully finish that manga this week (I actually finished it once, but I was smart enough to translate in notepad, and when I went for dinner my computer automatically rebooted after an upgrade (stupid windows XP) and notepad doesn't save a single thing, so that totally put me off to translate it for a second time.)

So, what am I going to do these next weeks?

-Finish that manga (the first chapter, Orichalcum is what it's called)
-Finish scanning the dead soul revolver manga and work on that.
-Start on an anime soon to be announced (in like, 2 weeks ><)

For now though, I need some sleep. Later~

Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin dead.

Rest in peace motherfucker, rest in peace...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A random day in the life of RaG

So, I ordered a boxload of manga a few days ago actually, and it already arrived! All the way from Japan! I thought that would take about a week or two, but it got here in just 4 days; amasing!

The thing is though, with ordering things from the internet; you never know what you ordered until you actually get it. I was under the assumption that I had ordered 31 manga. Of course I know some of them might not have furigana, which would render them unreadable for me at the moment; but still. I figured that about half the things I had ordered would be readable.

I was right, thankfully. Out of the 31 things, 1 was a novel, 3 were hentai mangas (seriously; you could not see by the cover) and you don't actually read those now do you (also they suck as hentai mangas ><) and 8 of them came without furigana. That leaves a healthy 19 manga I can actually read; yay! This will come in very handy when studying Japanese my way during the summer vacation. Also, for you eager fans out there, amongst the mangas was Dead Soul Revolver! So we're able to continue that soon.

However, there's a slight issue.

The issue is simple. I have a scanner and a manga. How to go about this? I don't want to bend the manga against the class and scan; that'll give really bad scans. Also I am prepared the cut it up or something, so no problems there. However; seen as I've cut up doujinshis before; I know you lose some of the page.
So here it comes: I decided to MICROWAVE a manga and see if the glue would come off. You read that right, in the microwave. My first attempt just know has failed (don't worry, I used one of the hentai ones I was gonna kick out of the door anyways) but I'm about to give it a second try. If it works then that'll be awesome. If not then we might lose our kitchen >__>

I now have a healthy 59 Japanese manga that include furigana. I am thinking of maybe scanlating one of them over the summer, but we'll see about that.

On another note, Zah-Droolmaster and I have been playing Conan (the MMO). We recommend it to anyone who has the time (that excludes me unfortunately ><). I got banned from playing by my dad today because I have exams coming up, bleh.

So yeah, now I am cleaning my room in an attempt to try and make space for the goodies. And after that, I'll have fun watching the Oranje beat the hell out of the Romanian team~

Good night all~

edit: And we won, as expected.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Some Dead Soul revolver commenting.

Finally, people took the time to comment on something. Before I go over the relevant comments, let me give you an update on some information.

For starters, I ordered the manga from Japan today. This will mean that we won't be dependant on the raws of the internet. However, how does one scan such a thing? (scanner, duh) and especially, how does one get the bonding (the glue) to wear off? I heard strange stories about microwaves... Can anyone give me some hint?

Also, I finally found the synopsis for the series:

日常の狭間で少年が出会った恐怖、悪魔! 絶体絶命の中、死を意識した少年を救ったのは、ゴスロリ少女だった! 異形の悪夢を撃ち祓わんと、今、黒き少女が銃を取る!!

Have fun. (I'll edit this post when I wake up with a translation. At this point in time I am seriously deprived of sleep and I can't be bothered to translate that.)

Now, as for the comments on the previous post:

Zah Droolmaster said..."Gah! Why do you get to be Miyu! That's no fair!"

I am so way more attractive.

MKoR said..."a comment, as requested. :P also, dutch rox :D
Guess I should read this asap?
and yeah, manga is one of those things you can't have enough of, like HD space.
moar haado's plz :D
Hmmm, seems to be a nice series, great quality too :D
btw, there's a typo in c2 page 2, "unexplainble". v2 release possible?, would be a shame otherwise :P"

Dutch rox. Screw a version 2 release. We will just upload the fixed picture tomorrow on the blog (it's on my laptop which I stupidly just turned off)

MKoR said...oh yeah, before I forget: you may wanna make the pages a bit smaller in size... and drop the thumbs.db files from the rar files. They're useless.

no smaller sizes, and yes, thumbs.db files suck; I thought I got rid of it.

thanks for new manga and can you consider kure-nai as other manga serie wich you translate?
it is said that binktopia has drop it

Wow. I know I wanted suggestions on more series to do; but this one's retarded. Nobody said they were dropping it. There's just one volume out, and that's all they scanlated. Also, there's an anime out for this, so who wants to scanlate it? ><

Anonymous said...
Hot <3

I am so hoping it'll stay that way.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Manga release: Dead Soul Revolver chapter 02


Drooly was o so slow with this one. I had to remind him to edit this every 5 seconds, and it still took ages. Okay, the last 2 days were completely my fault, but still ><. This chapter is cool. We get a new hot chick in the mix and we see some more story. A VERY hot 14th page and well; that's it sadly. Lots of fanservice, but sadly that's not accompanied by awesome plot coverage. It's still good though. By the way, we see a lack of love here on this blog, so leave a comment for a change, you lazy bastards.

The third chapter might take very long indeed, since we haven't been able to find the raw on the internet anywhere. We are very tempted indeed to just go and order this from Japan. Here's where we need your help. It's a waste to just order one manga! That's why we need you guys to give us a few suggestions of things to order (which could also mean we could scanlate it if we like it). Suggestions have to be manga released no earlier than July of last year, and have no scanlations yet. So dump your suggestions in the comments below; preferably in 15 hours or so, since I'm going to order the manga around that time.

Also, we need you! Editors, translators, "cleaners", heck we can even use you if you live in Japan (and want to help out by walking in a manga store and getting us the manga and sending it over here, we'll pay you of course (for the manga and the shipping><)) So, I suppose that's it. I have like, 2 more missions left in the Settlers game, so I'll be slaving away at that tomorrow. Expect a new manga release somewhere this or next week. It's by the same artist that does Dead Soul Revolver, so you know it's good~ This time even the story is interesting >< *sighs* Blogger sucks. Keeps wharping my posts.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hentai doujinshi: Dennou Coil, Brain rape


Yay~ It's more stuff out~ We keep on being random by releasing a hentai doujinshi this time. It's of the anime series "Dennou Coil", and because I threw away the translation script and I can't remember the exact name (and I ain't gonna bother looking up all those kanji on the cover again) I named it "Brain rape". I recall it being something like "Dennou coil: brain gang rape" or something, but brain rape sounds sufficient to get the thought across, get it?

This doujinshi is in memorium of 1 TMA 3. It's the name of the class I was in for the first half of this school year. It got disbanded because, well, to be frank, we sucked. >< (Seriously, not enough people to continue the class ><) Also we feel like we should put the Japanese classes we get to good use, lol. The torrent you'll be able to find by clicking here.

It's a special release, as this doujinshi isn't even out on the net as a raw yet. We gotz it from Fapan ourselves~ Fwee~

Okay, on other news, the Dead soul revolver second chapter thingy is, well, late. I know. Blame him. Also, we miss the next chapters, raw. So again, if anyone can help us find chapters 3+ for Dead Soul Revolver, we'd very much appreciate your help. Don't be afraid to give us an email (adres on the top right).
Also, please email us if you want to translate a manga or an OVA here and there. Currently we are trying to sub Hoshi no umi no amuri (an all 3d OVA), and we'd like to sub some more OVA's in the future. If we can, maybe a full anime, who knows?

And that's it for now. We might release a torrent with the .mp3's of the anime 3d OVA mentioned above, because only a retarded .ape file was released. Other than that, we'll just continue keeping what we'll release, a total secret~ Later~


Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lyrical DS, hentai doujinshi game

I am pretty darn tired ><

Droolmaster, here's your damned game. Have fun with it ~__~
Initial seeding maybe pretty slow. Somehow it hasn't even started seeding yet. However seeding should go pretty fast after the bot finishes the torrent. So Droolmaster, when you wake up at like, 8, you should get your top download speed (about 25 kb/s? lol)

Edit: lol, azereus was capped at 30 kb/s upload. It's going at a steady 110 kb/s now; that should be respectable. Also people, we need "Dead soul revolver" raws (it's a manga). And we could use someone interested in helping to edit manga or translate. Or even someone who wants to write articles at the blog. We need to spicen things up a bit ^^
Ow, and for all you guys who aren't Droolmaster, this game is obviously in Japanese; it hasn't been translated. Not that the name of the blog confuses you or anything...